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Short final 4.11.15


J – Keyboard, Vocal, Founder

Tyler Ommen – Drums

Christine Tuck – Saxophone

John Tuck – Trumpet



Stay tuned for update


 Click to enlarge photos

Photos from Harvard Community Radio by Patricia Morgret and Carrie Dodt

Chris JOHN Brad

Caulbert J Tyler 2

Photos from Haitian Idol – Woodstock by Patricia Morgret

John    J & Phil    Kristina & Andrea

Tyler-Web    kl    Chris

Photos from A Day in the Park – Marengo  by Patricia Morgret

    DSC_0099    DSC_0101    DSC_0139

    DSC_0146    DSC_0135    DSC_0094
Images by Ben Rodig:    



Photos from Lucy’s Music Cafe, Raue Center for the Arts





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